1. Homosexual and Heterosexual Relationships are Similar, Save for the Genders of the Partners

Unlike heterosexuals, homosexuals hardly commit to lasting relationships and they are likely to be promiscuous. Homosexuals also face higher rates of domestic violence.

  1. Homosexuals have Lower Risks of Psychological Disorders than Heterosexuals

Research indicates that homosexuals record higher cases of mental illnesses and substance abuse than not only heterosexuals but also other communities of a comparable size.

  1. Kids Raised by Homosexuals are the same as those Raised by Heterosexuals and Suffer no Harm

Social science studies reveal that children that are raised by homosexuals experience significant methodological problems. However, they rarely show specific disparities.

  1. The Greatest Threat to Homosexuals is Discrimination

Although most homosexuals are often highly educated than the general public, research shows their incomes are mixed.

  1. Homosexuals are less likely to Molest Children

This is a myth because most pedophiles are males that identify themselves as homosexuals or bisexuals.

In addition to debunking these myths about homosexuality, there should be more intense campaigns to enlighten the public on the rights of homosexuals.

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